Unfortunately the standard Nespresso* Pods are not easily recycled as they are part metal and can contain a plastic membrane which makes it difficult to separate cleanly in order to recycle. There can be the added issue with the coffee itself contaminating the materials. In addition some companies send the pods back to Nespresso* thinking this is the best thing to do, this has the added environmental footprint of additional delivery miles on each pod !! 

So what is the solution for coffee lovers who want the convenience and quality coffee that a pod can offer?

Simple - Compostable Pods ! - these allow the user to place the pod directly in the compost. 

The benefits are:

  1. The pod is made from compostable material - no need to separate - you do not even have to clean out the coffee as it all decomposes together.
  2. No contaminated recycled materials.
  3. No additional transport -  compared to sending used pods back to the supplier.
  4. The compostable pods are now cheaper than the original mixed material pods.  
  5.  Use coupons code ' Gimoka10 ' for additional 10% off nespresso* eco pods- just go to our online store - free home delivery also available.

We now have a range of compostable pods for guilt free coffee. This allows you to use your convenient coffee pod machine without the guilt of creating plastic waste.

All Gimoka capsules feature an aroma protection, meaning that they are compostable but have an oxygen barrier, therefore they can be disposed of in the wet waste (brown bin) to be treated in an industrial composting plant.

The bouquet of aromas of the coffee is therefore safeguarded in an optimal manner, even over time, due to its longer shelf-life, without requiring over-wraps. The coffee is packed in compact packages that take up less space on shelves and during transportation.

Go to our online shop to purchase directly for home delivery.