We now offer all our coffee pods in fully compostable / Eco format, in addition we use fully recycled packaging in our cardboard boxes and packing material. We continually strive to work with our suppliers to reduce our packaging impact, this is why we only offer coffee beans in 1kg format rather than smaller 250g bags that greatly increase packaging waste. 

Customers who use our full bean coffee or compostable pods can compost all there waste in their garden this again reduces waste collection an transport and is much greener than using plastics or aluminum pods that need to be collected cleaned and then may or may not get recycled which takes more energy 

In addition we do reuse packing where at all possible - you may therefore receive some plastic packing to protect your coffee delivery, please be assured this is clean reused packing we have received from our bulk supply of pallets and goods, we never purchase plastic packing.

We offer greater value to customers for large quantities this will reduce packing and transport cost, we advise customers to purchase 2-3 months coffee supply at a time this ensures both fresh coffee and reduces impact on the environment 

We offer free nationwide delivery on all orders over €55.

Smaller orders cost €5.99 delivery.

Minimum order €15