Machine Rental

Carimali 26 - From €99/Month

Carimali Blue Dot 26 one touch bean to cup machine available to rent from as little as €99 per month, ideal for Office / Hotel / Bar. This has a compact footprint and easy to use and setup. Recommended throughput 50-100 cups per day . Price per coffee cup as low as 9 cent.

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Carimal Blue Dot - from 120/Month Rental

Carimali Blue Dot machine - from as low as €120/month. One touch system allows for Latte to be made without moving the cup - Touch screen operation. Machine fully maintained and stocked with full warranty available on rental units. We also have Blue Dot Plus versions available with full touchscreen which is ideal for front of house client use.

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Carimali Machine - For Free

You can have a coin operated machine installed in your office for free, no cost to the company, staff pay for a fresh coffee from €1 per cup.

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